GTA Online Daily Gun Van Location & Inventory – June 2

Where is the Gun Van today?

Image via Rockstar Games

GTA Online has things happening all the time due to its constantly updating game world. Players are always wanting the latest and greatest weapons to help out in missions, robbing businesses, or just daily casual mayhem. This is where the Gun Van comes into play. Below, we’ll show you why it’s so important, where to find it, and what you can buy from it.

What Is The Gun Van?

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Gun Van is a shady vehicle that players can find in dark areas like under bridges, alleyways, and behind buildings in parking lots. The location of the van changes every day, and its stock changes almost as often. There are around 30 locations the van could spawn on any day, and this guide will be updated to let you know where to find him each day.

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Where Is The Gun Van Today?

As mentioned, there are many locations in which the Gun Van can spawn, and with over 30 different locations, it can be frustrating to search around the GTA Online map to find the right one. The good thing is, players won’t have to look any further. The Gun Van can be found at Sandy Shores on June 5.

What Does The Gun Van Have Today?

The weapons and purchasable items from the Gun Van change every week, and sometimes some items will also have discounts. Below is an all the items available from the van this week.

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  • Widowmaker
  • Precision Rifle
  • Pump Shotgun
  • Carbine Rifle
  • Knuckle Duster
  • AP Pistol
  • Minigun
  • Flare Gun


  • Molotov
  • Sticky Bomb
  • Pipe Bomb

Body Armor

  • Super Light Armor
  • Light Armor
  • Standard Armor
  • Heavy Armor
  • Super Heavy Armor

This list of items is everything the Gun Van will have until next week’s update which is on every Thursday of each week. All items change once a week, while the Gun Van’s location changes every day. This is everything to know, so be sure to come back tomorrow to see where he is located next.