GTA Online: How To Sell A House Or Property

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GTA Online allows players to purchase many properties in the game, including houses, garages, apartments, and more, but there is a limit to how many properties can be owned. Six different properties are available to purchase in Grand Theft Auto, this will also include warehouses and offices if a player is a CEO.

After making progress in the game, players will want to upgrade their smaller properties to bigger and fancier ones. Selling any of these buildings isn’t as easy as players would think the task would be, so here is how to sell a house or property in GTA Online.

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How To Sell Property in GTA Online

GTA Online how to sell properties and houses
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The first step to selling a property is making sure all six slots are filled up with purchased buildings, without following this step, it will be impossible to sell off one of the properties. Once every current space is filled, head over to the mobile phone and select any of the following from the list below:

  • Dynasty 8 Real Estate – this is where players will want to go to purchase garages for cars or houses and apartments to spawn in.
  • Dynasty 8 Executive – this houses all the offices and agencies CEOs will need.
  • Maze Bank Foreclosesures – this sells Auto Shops, Arcades, Clubhouses, Bunkers, Hangars, Facilities, and Nightclubs.

After searching the different sites and locating the property to purchase, click the buy button. Selecting a new property to buy forces the game to let players sell one of their old businesses. Note that the full price paid for the item in GTA will not be the price received back.

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That’s how to sell a property in GTA online since it isn’t as straightforward as it should be. Be sure to select only the buildings truly wanted, as to not fill up all the slots so early and not have room for other cool things.