GTA Online: How To Get Acid Lab

Selling product will become your new hobby.

GTA Online, GTA 5, how to get acid lab

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GTA Online has many different missions that players can complete in order to get XP, in-game cash, and sometimes items. However, some missions will lead to a much bigger outcome. For example, it takes a series of missions to unlock and receive an Acid Lab. This Lab can be used to help players earn money by selling the product that the Acid Lab makes. Here’s how to get one for yourself and start earning a ton of cash.

How To Get Acid Lab in GTA 5

GTA Online, GTA 5, how to get acid lab
Screenshot by Gamepur

Getting an Acid Lab is trickier than other things in the game since it cannot be purchased. The way to unlock this business is by completing all six missions in the First Dose missions. While some of these missions can be costly, the First Dose missions aren’t that expensive compared to some of the more end-game missions.

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After completing the first mission, players will unlock the Brickade 6×6, a trailer that players will often use to sell product around the city. Players will want to start this mission by heading over to the “R” on the northern side of the map, close to Blank County. There, they’ll find Ron Jakowski.

All the first of the First Dose missions can be found and started in the Freak Shop, which can be located in the city by going to the “D” on the map. Players will then meet up with Dax and complete even more missions to get closer to owning an Acid Bath. Once the missions have been completed, players will store the Brickade in the Freak Shop, and players can buy the Acid Lab.

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The Acid Lab will become an excellent source of money for players, especially if they get deep into selling product. Other players in GTA Online can also help bring product to dealers and get some of their own profit as well, making it a great way for everyone to get rich.