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GTA Online: Location of Each Stunt Jump

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GTA Online is a game filled with dangerous stunts whether that be missions on stealing drugs, money, or vehicles. No matter where you turn in GTA, there is always some type of chaos. In the game, there are many different stunt jumps throughout, that not only can you jump off of and get a cool cutscene, but players will make quite the achievement after completing all 50 stunt jumps. This guide will list all the locations for each stunt jump.

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All 50 Stunt Jump Locations in GTA Online

GTA Online Stunt jumps
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There are 50 stunt jumps throughout the GTA Online map. Finding them is similar to Easter egg hunting so keep an eye out while playing in the world. Once you complete your first stunt jump, a prompt will show up at the top of the screen saying that the player has completed x amount of stunt jumps. The goal is to complete them all. Below is a list of all 50 stunt jumps in GTA and their locations.

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Locations of 50 Stunt Jumps

Stunt Jumps in GTA
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  1. North Calafia Way
  2. La Puerta Freeway/Little Seoul
  3. Parking Garage On Peaceful St.
  4. Broken Bridge in Paleto Bay
  5. Raton Pass
  6. Vinewood Hills
  7. Del Perro Freeway Overpass/Downtown
  8. Senora Freeway
  9. South of Bolingbroke Penitentiary
  10. Rockford Plaza
  11. Vinewood Hills
  12. Mount Gordo
  13. Elgin Avenue Parking Garage
  14. Pillbox Hill Medical Center West Entrance
  15. South Los Santos
  16. Little Seoul/Decker St 
  17. Overpass above San Andreas Boulevard
  18. Construction Site in Paleto Bay
  19. Intersection of Equality Way and Bay City Avenue
  20. Rancho
  21. Los Santos Golf Club
  22. South Port of Los Santos
  23. Sandy Shores
  24. Los Santos Airport, Entrance
  25. Los Santos Freeway Flood Drains
  26. Sandy Shores Landing Strip
  27. Strawberry hospital 
  28. “The Jetty” parking garage
  29. Dutch London Street
  30. La Puerta Freeway
  31. Port Los Santos
  32. Elysian Island, West of Terminal
  33. South end of Port of Los Santos
  34. Middle of the Port of Los Santos
  35. South end of Elysian Island
  36. Middle Port of Los Santos
  37. Ron Alternative Wind Farm
  38. Port of Los Santos, Middle of the Southern Section
  39. Palomino Avenue
  40. Port of Los Santos, East Side
  41. Los Santos Drain Control
  42. Los Santos Airport, Circular Road East
  43. Los Santos Airport, Circular Road West
  44. Railway Tracks, Tracks, Port of Los Santos
  45. La Puerta Freeway
  46. Chum Street
  47. Rockford Hills Arcade
  48. Hawick and Rockford intersection
  49. Murrieta Oil Field
  50. Del Perro Freeway

Prizes For Completing Jumps in Grand Theft Auto V

There are many prizes players get for completing the jumps like new colors in Los Santos Customs for vehicles. These are received at the first 5 jumps, 10 jumps, and 25 jumps. Players will also unlock a “Show Off” achievement in the game and after completing 25, you’ll knock off the requirements needed to get 100% completion in GTA V.

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After completing all the stunt jumps in GTA, players will unlock new vehicle customization options. It will take a bit to complete each jump, but it is a fun experience if players need something else to do in the game.

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