GTA Online: When Will The Rare Panther Statue Return

Let’s steal a black panther.

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There are many cool items to find and earn in GTA Online. Most players are going to be interested in vehicles and weapons, but there are some high-value items that can be sold for a major profit. One of the best ways to get all of these is to complete Heist like the Cayo Perico Heist. Not only can players receive special items, but players can unlock different features as well, like being able to deal drugs. This guide will teach you about The Rare Panther Statue and when it will return to GTA Online.

When Will The Rare Panther Statue Return?

As of the time of writing, the Panther Statue is unavailable in GTA Online, but this is expected to be temporary and it will likely be made available once again in a new update. When it does return, it will be for a limited time and can be found in the Cayo Perico Heist.

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For those wondering about how to unlock the statue when it’s available, begin by setting up a heist and be sure to select the Panther Statue as the target. Then players can select how they want to approach the mission, and from there they can jump straight into it. The next step will be to follow the heist instructions until the player is able to steal the statue. Players probably won’t be able to steal it every time they try the heist, with a couple of tries, it isn’t all that tricky.

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The Panther Statue is worth a lot in GTA Online, being a way to get big money quickly for any player. After completing the Cayo Perico heist and stealing the Panther Statue, players can sell it for up to $1.9 million. Note that this applies when ‘Hard’ is selected as the game mode. This mission is incredibly worth it as it will bring the players loads of cash very quickly.