Hangout Event: Bennet – Fantastic Voyage All Endings guide – Genshin Impact

A good time for all.

Genshin Impact

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Bennet’s Hangout quest in Genshin Impact is called “Fantastic Voyage”, and has five different endings that you can get, all of which reward you with different things.

In this guide, we will show you how to get each ending so that you get the maximum rewards. You will need two story keys and at least Adventure Rank 26 to be able to play this quest. Story Keys are earned by finishing Daily Commissions, with one key being earned for every 8 completed Commissions.

Fruitless Anticipation ending

This is very straightforward, just play through the Adventurous Acquaintance quest until you get an option to tell Bennet “you can just do something else”, then suggest hanging around town. This is really all you need to do, as the rest of the story will play out and get you the Fruitless Anticipation ending.

Hasty Farewell

Much like the previous ending, this one stems from the Adventurous Acquaintance mission. When you reach the part where you tell Bennet you can do something else, suggest a walk in the wild.

Head to Stormbearer Point and open all the chests with Bennet, then follow him to the cliff. Bennet will have to leave suddenly, netting you the Hasty Farewell ending.

Taste Tester Royce

Once again, in the Adventurous Acquaintance section, you need to make a specific choice to start the path toward this ending. When asked about getting food ready for the expedition, say “I do.” Head to the restaurant and cook up the Ominous Meal. It consists of one Slime Condensate, one Radish, and one Mint.

Head to the Domain and complete the puzzle. Another adventurer will appear, and Bennet will try to give them the meal. Pick the “You can do whatever you want with it” dialogue option to get the Taste Tester Royce ending.

Ready to Make Sacrifices

This ending is mostly the same as above, but instead of letting Royce eat the food, encourage Bennet to eat it instead.

No Wonder It’s a Top-Class Commission

During Adventurous Acquaintance, tell Bennet you want to go on an adventure. When it reaches the part about food, say “No, I usually leave straight away.” Go to the domain with Bennet, and in the second room with the laser tell him to try out the mechanism first. Pick the switch on the left, and you will get locked inside the dungeon, netting the “No Wonder It’s a Top-Class Commission” ending.

Fortunate Outcome

As above, but when Bennet wants to try the mechanism tell him he cannot face the danger alone. In the next room you will find three switch stones with 1, 2 and 3 torches around them. Activate them in the order of 3,1,2 to get the Fortunate Outcome ending.