Hangout Event: Barbara – Wellspring of Healing All Endings guide – Genshin Impact

Spend some time with Barbara.

Genshin Impact

Barbara’s Hangout Event, The Wellspring of Healing, contains multiple paths and potential endings. In this guide, we will show you the steps you need to take to get each one.

Replaying the Hangout is simple. Open the event page, select the Wellspring of Healing Barbara Hangout, then select the point on the timeline that appears after your first completion of the event.

Untimely Enthusiasm

  • In the Sister Victoria’s Vexation missions (the very first one), tell Barbara to stay where she is, and that you will send the stranger away
  • Go and speak with Albert, the self-proclaimed leader of the Barbara fan club.
  • Try to convince Albert to leave, but none of the dialogue option seems to make this happen as he is a stubborn guy.
  • Wander around with him for a while, then he eventually admits Barbara is not there.

The Taste of Hardwork

  • Speak with Sister Victoria
  • Go and find Barbara at Wolvendom
  • “Go deeper into the forest”
  • Ask Barbara why she decided to join the church
  • Pick the “I’ll lend you a hand option”
  • Find the red Wolfhook berries
  • Select the “Leave it to us” option
  • Clean the Catherdral using Anemo or Hydro abilities
  • Select the special Chilibrew to drink
  • Select the option to split up to find the ingredients
  • Go and find Barbara in the Whispering Woods
  • Save the Merchant from the Treasure Hoarders
  • Select Sweet Flowers as a reward from Caishan

The quest path on the Hangout timelines is as follows:

  • Sister Victoria’s Vexation
  • Temporary Relief from the Fanfare
  • Of Wolfhooks Red
  • The Church’s Affairs
  • Cleanliness First
  • Deaconess’s Gratitude
  • Barabara’s Home-Made Chilibrew
  • A Meeting Mysteriously Missed
  • Knights and Deaconess, Read for Battle
  • Home-made Chilibrew

A Fiery Flavor From Liyue

This plays out exactly the same as the previous one, you simply choose the Liyue Chilibrew as your reward.

A Holiday in Mondstadt

From the Deaconess Gratitude Quest onwards:

  • Select the Summer Sparkling Tea drink
  • Speak with Sister Victoria and tell her that you found Barbara
  • Go and meet Barbara
  • Speak with Herman about training
  • Tell Schulz that Barbara is currently working
  • Tell Susie to be considerate to others
  • Tell Barbara she looks exhausted
  • Go for a walk with Barbara

Incompletely Cured

From the Deaconess Gratitude Quest onwards:

  • Select the Chilibrew option
  • Select the option to stick together
  • Speak with Sister Victoria
  • Make your way to Whispering Woods
  • Take out all the Hilichurls
  • Select “Hold on Barbara. He’s a suspicious character” when Barbara asks you to find herbs to heal the hunter.
  • Fight the Treasure Hoarder