Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – a Guide to Fortresses, Inns, and Greenhouses


Upon its arrival, Wizards Unite has been a hit with many fans of the franchise, and among those who enjoy AR games like Pokemon GO. One thing that differs the game from Pokemon Go is its complexities in combat, collecting, and utilizing resources to level up.

For instance, spell energy is a new concept to the game, and without that energy, players won’t be able to take on the various events in-world. There are several ways to attain spell energy, but we’re not going to focus on all of them. We’re going to focus on Fortresses, Inns, and Greenhouses, namely the resources like seeds and water, or better yet, runestones. You can locate all of these resources at these locations, so let’s break them down.

A Guide to Fortresses, Inns, and Greenhouses



We’ll start with the big ones. When you open your map and see the tall spires that reach for the skies, you’ve spotted a fortress. Their function works similarly to gyms in Pokemon GO in the sense that this is where a majority of your combat scenarios are going to happen.

The difference here, though is that you’ll be using runestones in your inventory to battle against various creatures and enemies. Through combat, you improve your rank and gain access to a broader range of rewards. The runestones act as a kind of raid pass, allowing players to enter a dungeon to fight creatures — the higher level the runestone, the more difficult the enemy. But they come with a more significant reward. Wizards can team up to conquer more powerful raid battles.


These are the smaller, more prominent buildings scattered throughout the map. These serve the same function as a Pokestop, but mostly give out spell energy, which means that Inns are one of the most valuable resources in-game.

There are also different types of Inns that garner greater reward — the more rural the inn, the higher the energy supply. But energy isn’t the only resource coming from them. There are also dark detectors, which act as lures did in GO. You use Dark Detectors at Inns to help find Traces, leading to Foundables.


One of the most refreshing details of Wizards Unite is the ability to grow plants that yield different effects. When you first arrive at a Greenhouse, you’ll see three potted plants, of which you’ll be able to choose one and receive its ingredients. From there, it’s planting time, as long as you have water and the proper seeds.

To make the game feel like an authentic world shared with other wizards, you can only plant at a specific greenhouse if it’s not already in use. There are options to rent a pot, but this costs actual money, so waiting for a free greenhouse is always worth it.