How to exert royal power in BitLife, and what does it do?

Respect can go a long way.


Image via Candywriter LLC

Becoming a member of a royal family in BitLife comes with a variety of perks. Not only do you have a vast wealth available to you immediately, but you also have respect from the public whom you reside over. If you have a lower respect meter, the chances are that negative actions won’t be taken kindly by the people. They could potentially spark a revolution against you or have you exiled. Alternatively, if you do an adverse action with a high amount of respect, you can exert royal power to have everyone forget about it.

Exerting your royal power only happens when you’ve committed a crime or done something awful. When your character gets caught, and they have a high enough respect meter, they can use their royal power to have the authorities look the other way. You avoid having to do any time for the crime, and you can continue to reign in power. It’s a great way to do more heinous crimes in BitLife as a member of the royal family, but you don’t want to do it too often. Going about using a hitman, killing people, or stealing cars can easily set you on the path to losing all of that respect.

If you need to exert your royal power, you should, whenever possible. But again, remember it’s connected to having a high respect meter. You can still be at 50 percent respect, partially respected by the public, and go to jail if you commit a crime. Make sure to have it become as high as possible before doing anything that could lock you up in jail. You can increase your respect meter by performing public services and being a beacon of hope for the population you serve.