Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC – How to Complete Relic Ruins: Murmuring Hollow

Uncover a new Ornament and find an old friend in a precarious situation exploring Relic Ruins in the Horizon Forbidden West DLC.


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While exploring the new region in the Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC, you’ll eventually encounter a new Relic Ruin. These puzzle-filled locations pocketed the Forbidden West, but they’re a rarity in the expansion, and very much worth delving into. This guide explains how to find Relic Ruins: Murmuring Hollow, and how to complete it once you do.

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How to find Relic Ruins: Murmuring Hollow

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You can find Relic Ruin: Murmuring Hollow to the east of Fleet’s End, not too far past the Slaughterspine site. See above for a Horizon Forbidden West DLC map reference for the exact location. You can approach it from either the top or the bottom of the ruined skyscraper in this area. Both will get you inside, but we’d recommend starting at the top.

Relic Ruins: Murmuring Hollow Walkthrough

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As you approach Relic Ruins: Murmuring Hollow, call your Sunwing and fly to the top of the building. There’s a perch at the top for you to use and a vent cover your Sunwing can rip off to let you inside. Drop down into the building and make your way up the open elevator shaft into the room at the top. There’s a Datapoint here with a code that you’ll need later on.

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Next, drop down to the bottom of the elevator shaft. It’s worth stopping off at each open door to collect the Horizon Forbidden West DLC loot in chests, but it’s not essential. Down here, you’ll find two train carts that are strategically stuck in your way. You can see the Key Module you need but can’t get to it. You’ll also have the code from the Datapoint above, but you can’t reach the door it opens. Lastly, you can hear someone trapped behind the nearby door. For now, pry open the door to the train cart and make your way to ground level at the base of the building above.

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Look for the nearby campfire. A rappel point just behind it will get you down onto the other side of the train cart. Once there, pry open the other train cart and pull the lever. This will move it forward and allow you to reach the power cell on its side. Take the power cell to the other train cart you can now access and pull the lever inside it. After nearly falling to your death, you should be able to get to the door it was blocking.

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What is the Door Code in Relic Ruins: Murmuring Hollow?

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The Relic Ruins: Murmuring Hollow door code is 1315. This is the code that was on the Datapoint at the top of the building. Enter the code, and you should find your reward.

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Your reward is another Horizon Forbidden West DLC Ornament you can use in the Sea of Sands to change the holograms that show up in the sky. The real benefit of completing this Relic Ruin, however, lies behind another door. Pick up the Key Module, open the nearby locked door, and release an old friend to start the A Friend in Need side quest.