How to access Zavala’s office and find the secret Vault in the Tower in Destiny 2

Time to run an errand.

Destiny 2

The very first step in the new Exotic quest to get the Fourth Horseman is to make your way to Zavala’s office in the Tower. It’s not the most obvious route, so we are writing this guide to help you find your way inside.

One major issue players are running into is that a set of doors you need to enter can be bugged. The only way we could find to fix this was to get the quest on a different character. We don’t know why this bug happens, but this is the only workaround that we could find. Simply reloading the Tower, and even reloading the game, didn’t work for us, so we had to switch characters completely.

The video above will show you the exact route to take to find Zavala’s office and the secret tunnel to the vault. It is pretty similar to the time we had to break into Banshee’s workshop, but a slightly less awkward route.

Once you are done and have found that the Fourth Horseman is missing, you will need to return to Zavala and move on to the next step of the quest.