How big is Overwatch 2’s file size? Full OW2 game size

It’s not that bad compared to some other games.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The release of any sequel to a beloved game is a very exciting thing. You can expect new features, new characters, and hours of enjoyment in the world of a game that you fell in love with. However, with the constant expansion of content in games, file sizes have continued to grow and force people to make tough decisions about what can stay on their hard drives. Here is what we know about the size of Overwatch 2’s installation.

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What is the file size of Overwatch 2?

The Overwatch 2 install file is relatively decent compared to some other high-profile games that are available nowadays. Here is the breakdown of how big the game currently is on all platforms.

  • Nintendo Switch – 19.1 GB
  • PC – 26.2 GB
  • PlayStation – 31.07 GB
  • Xbox – 31.7 GB

As you can see, the Nintendo Switch size is unsurprisingly the smallest download, which is still a big portion of the console’s internal hard drive. It is highly recommended to have a micro SD for that console if you want to install it there. Otherwise, the sizes on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox are respectable and should be easily manageable in most situations.

While these are the current download sizes for Overwatch 2 at the time of this writing, it is important to note that since it’s a live service game that gets regular updates, these sizes will expand over time when new maps and heroes are added. Additionally, the incoming Story and Hero Missions modes will likely add quite a bit of heft to the numbers above, although we do not know what those values are yet. At least pieces of that content are supposed to be arriving sometime in 2023.

We will update this article after Overwatch 2 receives some sizeable updates that take up more space.