How to change your HUD layout in Fortnite on mobile – best HUD settings

Fleet fingers.


If you have been struggling to find success on Fortnite mobile and feel that part of the issue is the default controls, then there is good news. Fortnite has a feature that allows you to change the HUD layout as you see fit. It is also very easy to do but may involve some trial and error to find a layout that works for you.

How to change HUD layout in Fortnite mobile

Fortnite has a very robust HUD in Fortnite, and you can change just about every element of it. This is part of the reason that Fortnite has been such a huge success on mobile devices. Changing your HUD layout is actually very easy, but needs to be done with a degree of care and consideration. It is a good idea to use the default HUD as a basis, then make adjustment based on personal preference.

To change your hut, hit the Settings button in the top right of the lobby screen, then select “HUD Layout Tool”. You will now be able to change both the layout, and size, or each button on the screen. You can also add more buttons by hitting the “Extra Buttons” tab at the top of the screen.

Fortnite mobile will have two different control schemes, one for building and one for combat, so be sure you set them both up how you want them.

What is the best HUD layout?

This is a difficult question to answer, as important factors are what style of hand position you use, and how big your screen is. The best thing to do is use the default layout, see what feels awkward and strange, then make some changes in the HUD Layout tool. Don’t change too much at once, just focus on a couple of areas and see how they feel, then build upon that.