How do battle passes work in Overwatch 2?

A new game with a new battle pass.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Battle passes have become the life force of many free-to-play live service games. These online titles require a community that continually comes back to play and pays for new content. However, season passes and DLC packs fractured those communities and did not work out. That is why games like Overwatch 2 have adopted the battle pass formula. Here is how battle passes work in Overwatch 2.

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How do battle pass seasons work in Overwatch 2?

Battle passes in Overwatch 2 will be available during certain time-limited seasons that last for nine weeks. During these more than two-month stretches, players will be able to advance on the battle pass track to unlock cosmetics. Each season pass will have a theme, the first season being Cyberpunk.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you do not purchase the battle pass, you will still be able to unlock rewards, but there will be a quarter less of the full premium items that you can unlock, and none of them will be Legendary or Mythic level skins. If a new hero is available in that season, it can be unlocked through the free tier at level 55.

If you purchase the premium battle pass, you will automatically receive the new hero for that season without needing to level it up and can unlock various skins and other items. Every premium battle pass will have a Mythic skin included, which has much deeper compatibility for customizing than others.

If you purchase the battle pass after leveling up some, you receive all past items you would have unlocked already.

How do you level up a battle pass in Overwatch 2?

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To level up your battle pass in Overwatch 2, just play the game regularly. You will receive XP for completing and winning matches. If you play with a party of friends, you will receive a 20% XP boost for the match. Additionally, daily and weekly challenges reward more experience when you complete them.

Are new heroes introduced with every battle pass in Overwatch 2?

New heroes will be introduced into Overwatch 2 every other season. Between those releases, a new map will be available every other season for everyone, regardless of whether you bought the premium battle pass.

What if I don’t unlock a hero during a battle pass in Overwatch 2?

While heroes will still be available to be unlocked after a battle pass season has ended, they can be obtained by completing Hero Challenges or spending Overwatch Coins on them. They can also be accessed in the Practice Range and other areas to try them out before you purchase them.

What are Prestige Tiers in Overwatch 2’s battle pass?

After you have unlocked all 80 battle pass levels, you can continue to play and earn new hero titles for your player care through Prestige Tiers. These take longer to unlock but show that you put in a lot of time and effort during the season that they are available.