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How much do Overwatch 2’s battle passes cost?

Time for new rewards.

Battle pass systems have supplanted themselves in the gaming market, and there is no end to their inclusion in multiplayer games. The long track of rewards keeps players coming back to unlock new content and allows publishers and developers to let their game be free-to-play for the life of the title. With Overwatch 2 adopting a free-to-play style that utilizes seasonal battle passes, how much will you have to pay to access the battle pass?

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How much do you have to pay for the Overwatch 2 battle pass?

Each Overwatch 2 battle pass will cost 1,000 Overwatch 2 Virtual Currency, or VC. This will come out to be be an equivalent to $10 of real-world money, putting it in a pretty standard spot for most games. Other free-to-play shooters often have their battle passes sit around this threshold for players. Don’t expect it to raise or fall at all, although we could see Blizzard include an additional premium version that gives you a bunch of levels for an additional fee probably closer to $35 if its like other battle passes out there.

If you decide to purchase yourself extra in-game currency, you can also use that to fast track yourself along the path. VC can be used to purchase levels that you want access to right away, but every single one can be accessed via in-game means. You will not be required to buy the battle pass to access any new maps or characters.

As for what you can expect to get in each battle pass, you of course will be able to acquire new hero skins, including the new tier of Mythic tier skins, and other cosmetics like highlight intros, weapon charms, and more. Each season is set to last about nine weeks, so there is only a limited time to get your hands on these exclusive items if you want them.

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