How do special talents work in BitLife?

Do you have a special talent?

Image via Candywriter

When you want to start a life being able to do something particularly well in BitLife, you sometimes have to roll lucky, wait a few years, and see if it works out. Sometimes your character starts out with good looks or smarts, and they slowly go downhill. It can be annoying to focus on a particular skill or a new job that you want to do with your character, but you have to wait for the right set of random events. The new special talents choice makes it much easier, and it’s a new option you can do whenever you start a new life.

The special talent option allows you to pick and choose what your character will be good at in their life. You can use it to specialize in a particular sport, be good at a specific job, or use it to become the best musician the world has ever seen. You want to use it when you wish to do a task with a character specifically. It helps you complete any special tasks or ribbons you’re working towards, or if you want to try being the best basketball or baseball player.

Unfortunately, the mode is restricted to those who have access to God Mode. If you do not have this mode, you shouldn’t expect to be able to use it. You can only use it if you’ve paid for the $4.99 a month service. The available talents and options will expand with each update, so if you’re using the special talent option, you can see more being added to it through BitLife’s lifetime.