How does Romance work in Kynseed? Answered

You’ve heard of wedding cake, but wedding pie takes the cake.

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Kynseed is a game that puts several twists on the usual formula for sandbox life sim games. The game’s pixelated fairytale world is lovingly crafted and colorful, full of whimsical people that you can meet and form friendships with. Some friendships can go a step beyond that, turning into dating and eventually marriage. That’s not the end of the road in Kynseed however, because the game can span multiple generations, letting you build up a family legacy while the world around you evolves. If you’re wondering how to get the ball rolling and make that first step into romance in Kynseed, then read on to find out.

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How to date in Kynseed

Like in many other life sim games, you build up relationships with other villagers by giving them gifts that they like and performing tasks that they ask of you. Doing these things will build up your Friendship Points (FP) with them. There are three FP bars to fill with each villager, so there’s a bit of a grind to get there. The tasks and gifts that they love the most will net you the most points, as expected. 

You can romance any villager in Kynseed (no matter the gender) provided a few prerequisites are met. They have to be over 18 years of age, you need to have at least two FP bars with them, and they need to have the ‘Love’ status toward you.

Once you’ve fulfilled these conditions with the villager of your choice, get a Rose of Romance and gift it to them. You can pick the rose out in the world or buy it from a trader. If the villager accepts it, that will initiate a Date. 

Your chosen villager will then set up a date and ask you to meet them at their house at a specific time of day (usually on the following day). Then, there’s a list of things you have to do to have a successful date:

  1. Your date will tell you where they want to go. If in doubt, your Calendar can help you out.
  2. Take them to their Dating Spot (or spots) of choice.
  3. Have a gift ready, because, on the last spot, they will ask for something. Alternatively, you can play the Lute for them.
  4. This ends the date, with the FP bonus showing how well it went.

With this successfully completed, you can look into a marriage opportunity with them, or perhaps try to romance another villager altogether. It’s up to you.

How to get married in Kynseed

Once you have chosen to settle down with one of the villagers in Kynseed, you’ll need to follow a few steps. First, you will need to obtain the White Rose. They can only be picked on Druida day in the Loverwood, so only once per week. Check your Calendar to find out when’s the next opportunity. Next, you have to offer the rose to your future partner on the first day of the week, which will start the Road to Marriage quest in your journal.

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The steps you have to take can be found in the in-game book “The Ritual of Marriage” in the Loverwood, with a specific task outlined for each day leading up to the ceremony. Your Calendar will guide you through each task, which involves taking your partner on another date and gathering the materials to bake a special marriage pie called the Pie of You and I.

Once you’ve completed that line of quests, visit the High Priest in Loverwood and exchange the pie for the wedding rings. With rings in hand, go to your future partner and propose by gifting them the rings. With that done, you will be asked to pick a date for the ceremony, upon which you will have to return to Loverwood where the High Priest will perform the marriage ceremony. Furthermore, one of the spirits of the land will choose to patronize your marriage during the ceremony and provide you with a permanent stat bonus. With that, you will be married in Kynseed and on your way to establishing your family legacy.