How does weapon rarity work in Tower of Fantasy? Answered

Everything you need to understand the weapon rarity system.

Image via Hotta Studios

Tower of Fantasy has a lot going on that can be confusing at first, and one such aspect is the weapon rarity system. Since the release of this Genshin Impact-like game, many players have wondered how weapon rarity works. Below we will explain everything you need to know about weapon rarity in Tower of Fantasy and compare it with the Genshin Impact’s rarity system to give veterans of that title a solid comparison point.

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Weapon rarity in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has a weapon rarity system like most of the other RPG games. There are three types of weapons in Tower of Fantasy, i.e., R, SR, and SSR.

R rarity weapons

R weapons are the most common and weakest among all the weapons. They are also the easiest to get in Tower of Fantasy. In terms of the Genshin Impact rarity system, these weapons can be considered three-star characters.

SR rarity weapons

SR weapons are rarer and better weapons than R weapons. Don’t expect to see them as much as you do their lesser counterparts. That said, you are guaranteed to get an SR weapon with 10 Special Orders. If you compare SR weapons to Genshin Impact characters, they can be considered four-star characters.

SSR rarity weapons

The last and the best weapons in Tower of Fantasy are the SSR weapons. They are also the hardest weapons to get your hands on; even in Special Orders, you are only guaranteed one SSR weapon for 80 orders. But the payoff with those weapons is also great, as they are much better than any of the R or SR weapons. In reference to the Genshin Impact characters, you can consider these weapons the five-star characters.

On top of rarity, all of the weapons in the game have one of the three roles: Attack, Defence, or Support. So choose your weapons wisely and think of other factors as well, besides just rarity.