How Endorsements work in PGA Tour 2K23

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If you’re looking to customize your player in PGA Tour 2K23, or trying to unlock new clubs or Fittings, pay attention to Endorsements. Endorsements are a key part of 2K23’s MyCareer, as these offer a free way to obtain new in-game rewards. So, how do Endorsements work in PGA Tour 2K23 and MyCareer? Let’s take a look.

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How Endorsements work in PGA Tour 2K23

In PGA Tour 2K23, there are three kinds of clothing endorsements: Apparel, Clubs, and Ball. In 2K23, players can sign on to as many as three different sponsors, one for each category. However, you can double up and sign on with one company for multiple categories.

At the beginning of MyCareer, your available endorsements will really only be limited to The Golf Club, which was the original name of the PGA Tour 2K franchise. Players will have the option to unlock other endorsements from brands like Titleist, Calloway, and 2K. This can be done by attaining low scores during rounds and defeating rivals.

Endorsements come with tiers. As you continue to play well and be signed to a sponsor, you will be able to unlock new tiers for that particular sponsor. There are nine different tiers, and each one usually yields a clothing item, Fittings, or clubs.

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If you have completed the tier progress for a sponsor, you can choose to sign with a brand new one and unlock those rewards, To sign with a new sponsor, go to the MyCareer main menu, From there, select ‘Sponsors,’ and then hover over one that you want to select. Hit Y/Triangle to sign on. Just make sure that you are not in an existing event. PGA Tour 2K23 players can’t sign on with new endorsements during an event.

One last note on endorsements: reputation matters. Should you play poorly, a sponsor could choose to dissociate themselves from you. Keep that in mind during events.