How Fittings work in PGA Tour 2K23

A new component of MyPlayer builds.

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Builds were not much of a thing in PGA Tour 2K21, but that will most certainly not be the case for PGA Tour 2K23. A number of new additions will see to that, including Fittings. Fittings are special add-ons that can be added to a player’s clubs and boost a user’s attributes. How exactly do Fittings work, and how can players get them? Let’s take a look.

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How Fittings work in PGA Tour 2K23

In PGA Tour 2K21, the only way to modify a golfer’s play out on the course was by way of changing and swapping clubs. For 2K23, Archetypes, Ball Sleeves, Skill Points, and Fittings have been added and incorporated into MyPlayer. All of the components mentioned have a large influence on a player’s attributes.

As far as Fittings go, users will be able to have a capacity of 100 in a MyPlayer collection. Each fitting is specific to a certain type of club. Each fitting also has an influence on a player’s attributes. For example, an Iron Head Fitting can add Timing, Swing Path, Power, Transition, and Lie Range boosts to a player’s attributes.

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In order to equip a Fitting, go to MyPlayer -> MyPlayer -> Locker -> Fittings, and select one. Click on ‘Quick Fit’ to add Fittings to clubs.

There are a couple of quirks with Fittings in PGA Tour 2K23. For one, it costs money in order to equip Fittings. If you look at the Fittings in the collection, you should notice that there is a Fit Fee. In order to equip Fittings, you must pay the fee, times the number of clubs you are adding the Fitting to in your bag.

Second, users will have the option to either Exchange or Upgrade Fittings. To do this, select one and select ‘ Exchange.’ Upon doing that, you will then be prompted to choose between Upgrading or Exchanging Fittings. This can be toggled by hitting Y/Triangle.

Exchanges require three Fittings and will yield a Custom Fitting of the same tier. For Upgrades, three Fittings of the same tier will yield one randomized Fitting of a greater rarity. Legendary Fittings are ineligible for Exchanges, and all are final.

Fittings can be obtained either through MyCareer and defeating rivals or through the 2K marketplace.