How to escape a Vault using a secret passage in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

Make out like a bandit


It is the first week of Skye’s Adventure in Fortnite, which means new challenges to complete to get loot, experience, and eventually, a nice alternative style for Skye. There are ten new challenges for Skye’s Adventure this week, and ten more on the way next week. You will need to complete 18 of them to get a chance at Skye’s secret mission for a Ghost or Shadow style.

One of this week’s challenges is to escape a Vault using a secret passage. While this can be done at any of the new points of interest that were added to the game in Season 2, we feel like the Grotto is the easiest place to finish this challenge.

Grotto Location

To quickly wrap this challenge up, head to the Grotto from the Battle Bus and drop in the large hole in the roof of the cave, above the helipad. Float down to the Phone Booth and disguise yourself as a Henchman.

Grotto Phone Booth

Now, hit som objects to get some materials, then make your way into the main part of the base. Use either of the scanner doors, and you will find yourself in the room with the Vault. There is a turret there, so use the materials you gathered to build a roof segment over it. You will need to fight Brutus, the Grotto boss, and this will stop the turret from shooting at you.

Turret Roof

Now, track down Brutus. He is normally on patrol in that room or one level up. When you find him, kill him. He will drop a Keycard that will allow you to open the Vault door. Be aware that shooting will cause your disguise to stop working, but there is a second Phone Booth in the same room as the vault if you need to use it.

Vault Door

Now, head to the Vault Door, use the keycard to open it and head inside. Grab all the loot, then use the secret passage in the Porta Potty to make your escape, and the challenge will be complete.

You can find the rest of this week’s challenge below: