How to evolve the Coral Buddies to the Wood Age in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 – From the Primordial Ooze

It’s evolution, baby.


Each week inĀ Fortnite, map changes big and small add areas of interest for players to explore. This week, new smaller islands have appeared at the top of the map, near Lockie Lighthouse. Little Coral Buddies are hanging out there, trying to set up a new civilization and generally having a fun time. However, they do need your help as their small islands have something of a shortage of materials.

New island location

You can help them out by visiting them and bringing some wood. Now, there is some wood on the island, but there is a good chance another player will have grabbed it by the time you get there, so make sure you gather up 100 wood along the way.

Make your way to the island you will find the Coral Buddies hanging around near a small fort made of wood. You can interact with it to give them 100 Wood, and this will cause their settlement to evolve. Ships will appear near to small docks, showing that new Buddies have arrived, and the air will fill with the sounds of music and merriment as they celebrate their achievement.

You will also get 25000 XP for helping them get to the Wood Age. We assume this will change each week, with the stone age coming next, followed by the metal age. Hopefully, this ends up playing out like the Bears and Gnomes did last season, with a long storyline that we learn a little more about each week.