How to farm Orokin Cells in Warframe (2021)

Orokin Cells make the game go around.


Orokin Cells are a resource that you will need constantly in Warframe. They are used to make weapons, gear, and equipment, and are normally a part of all Prime weapons and Warframes. All bosses in the game can drop Orokin Cells, and they can be found on the following planets:

  • Saturn
  • Ceres
  • The Derelict

The Sargus Ruk Farm

Sargus Ruk, the boss on Saturn, has a notably high chance to drop Orokin Cells when he dies. This is a fantastic farm for high-level players, as with the right weapons you can damage Sargus Ruk through his staged damaged gating. A well modded Tigris Prime or Sancti Tigris can one-shot Sargus Ruk during his first damage stage, making it an extremely quick process to run through the level, kill him, then extract.

Defense Missions on Saturn

Running Defense mission on Saturn, such as a Helene, is a great way to farm Orokin Cells while leveling up weapons and Warframes. Ideally, Defense farming will be done with a squad. Bringing a Nekros with Desecrate, and some Warframes with good level nuke like Saryn or Equinox are a good combination. The trick is to make sure that as many enemies as possible die inside of Nekros’ Desecrate range, so make sure you build for maximum ability range on the Nekros.

The nukers can quickly clear levels, and Desecrate will reroll all dead enemies loot tables, increasing the amount of Orokin Cell drops you can get. Like all Defense missions, bring a Smeeta Kavat if you have it, to take advantage of its Charm ability. Orokin Cells are also impacted by resource boosters, so if you wish, you can purchase those from the Market for Platinum, then take advantage of increase drop chance, and increased drop volume.

The advantage here is that players can simply switch there experience farming mission from Hydron to Helene and still earn experience while also farming Orokin Cells.