How Fortitude works in Ark: Survival Evolved

Fortitude is all that helps sometimes.

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Ark: Survival Evolved is a game with its foundation in surviving. Whether running away from ravenous creatures, dodging gunfire from overly trigger-happy players, or braving the elements, you’ll need to do all you can to exist. Ark: Survival Evolved comes with its own leveling system based on experience gain. Leveling your Survivor means you’ll be able to learn new Engrams and simultaneously level up your stats. While most of the stats in Ark: Survival Evolved are quite self-explanatory, there’s one that usually causes some confusion – Fortitude. This guide will look at the purpose and importance of Fortitude in Ark: Survival Evolved.

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Fortitude in Ark: Survival Evolved and passing out

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Much like the dinosaurs you try to tame in Ark can fall asleep, so does your character. Torpor is a stat that begins to rise when your character becomes exposed to narcotic effects. These include being stung by various insectscreatures, or accidentally eating one too many NarcoberriesTroodons are one of the biggest culprits for passing out in the game.

When your Torpor bar rises too high, you’ll pass out and lose the ability to control your character until you wake up. If you have a tribe member nearby, they can force-feed you Stimberries or Stimulants to counter the effects, but if not, you’ll be in for a rough time. Once you’ve dropped unconscious, your body is free to be dragged into a cage, eaten by a dinosaur, or drowned if you’re in a deep enough puddle.

By leveling up your Fortitude, you’ll reduce the amount of Torpor you take from tranquilizing sources. This means you’ll be less at risk if you’re being raided and various Narcotic Grenades or darts are being sent your way.

Fortitude in Ark: Survival Evolved and the elements

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Wild creatures and enemy players aren’t the only things in Ark that will try to kill you. The game is designed to test your ability to overcome everything, including the weather. Your character can and will take damage over time from extreme temperatures, and you will die if you cannot cool down or warm up in time.

While wearing suitable clothing can help, you’ll still lose health in extreme areas. This can be offset by leveling up your Fortitude. Fortitude reduces your overall susceptibility to the elements of the world. In the new map, Fjordur, the frozen climes of Jotunheim are incredibly cold during the day and downright deadly at night.

This means you’ll want to ensure you have high armor Fur gear and a healthy distribution of points into your Fortitude stat. There is no perfect amount, but remember, Fortitude is not the only important stat to level in the game. Use your best judgment and the best gear for each biome. If you’re in a PvP situation, remember that Gas Masks are also a great tool.