Where to find Ice Wyvern eggs in Ark: Survival Evolved Fjordur

Stay frosty out there.

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Ark: Survival Evolved might be winding up for the launch of Ark 2, but the devs have not forgotten about the original players. The launch of the Fjordur map with its gorgeous scenery, Portal system, and a host of new creatures has created a great new atmosphere. The map features three unique Realms, each with its own atmosphere, challenges, and rewards. This guide will tell you how to get Ice Wyverns in Ark: Survival Evolved Fjordur.

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Why the Ice Wyvern is important

The Ice Wyvern is perhaps the least popular of the Wyverns in terms of its ability, but it might be the best in its design. The gorgeous Wyvern can shoot out a breath attack of ice which slows and damages. Unfortunately, the breath is very short range, but even with this limited ability, the Wyvern has the same carry weight capabilities and movement speed as its other archetypes.

Where to find the Ice Wyvern trench and eggs in Fjordur

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The main area of the Fjordur is known as the region of Midgard. It’s the location you’ll need to head to if you want to find Fire Wyvern eggs, but not for the other types. If you’re looking for Ice Wyverns, you’ll have to head to the Portal Chamber on Midgard and head for Jotunheim. This Portal is the icy blue one, but beware; it’s extremely cold, so pack your best Fur and Fortitude. Teleporting takes 30 seconds, and you can also be attacked in this teleportation circle, so pay attention to your surroundings.

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Once you’ve arrived in Jotunheim, you’ll need to look for the massive ribs of a skeleton. There’s a path that runs below the bones, and the easiest is just to follow it until you come to the Wyvern trench.

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The approximate coordinates of the start location are 64 – 31, and the nests are inside a smaller cave at the back of the trench. You will need to kite the Wyverns out of the area as the cave is quite small, but if you are working with a friend, it should be simple enough.