How to get Golden Tools in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Image via Nintendo

All games need some kind of top tier fashion hunt that keeps your grinding. For Animal Crossing, that has traditionally been Golden Tools. These glammed out version of your everyday tools lend an air of style to the proceedings, and they have made their return in New Horizons.

We don’t know all the requirements for all the tools at the moment, but we do know some of them.

Golden Net

Catch every bug in the game at least once. There are 80 bugs in total.

Golden Fishing Rod

Catch every fish in the game at least once. There are 80 fish in total.

Golden Axe

To get the Golden Axe you will need to break 100 axes, that is to say, use them until they finally give up on you.

Golden Shovel

You will need to help Gulliver thirty times to get the recipe for the Golden Shovel.

Golden Watering Can

Maintain a perfect town for 15 days, then speak with Isabelle.

Golden Slingshot

Previous game – Shoot down 14 balloons, then hit the golden balloon.

We will be spending a lot more time on our island over the coming days and will be updating this list as we discover more about the requirements for those lovely Golden Tools.

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