How to get guaranteed Anointed legendary gear in Borderlands 3 – Loot the Universe

The good stuff.

Borderlands 3

Loot the Universe is an ongoing event in Borderlands 3. Each week, a new planet will have extra Legendary drops. Different zones on the planet will drop items, giving you exact places to farm, depending on what you are looking for.

It is also a great time to farm Anointed Legendary gear. Anointed gear is an extra powerful Legendary that will have an Anointed perk on it, on top of all the other perks it will get. Anointed perks can be extremely powerful, and can even be class-specific, giving huge bonuses if you manage to find the right one for your character.

Anointed gear will normally have a chance from high-level enemies, and becomes more common as the difficulty level increases. A new change has recently made it much easier to get Anointed gear if you have already put plenty of time into the game.

Legendaries that drop at Mayhem 10 have a 100 percent chance to roll an Anointed perk. So, if you are strong enough to hang with the bad guys at Mayhem level 10, you can guarantee yourself plenty of powerful rewards if you farm the correct Loot the Universe locations.

If you are not strong enough to survive Mayhem 10 yet, it is worth putting in the time to try to get a strong build together. Start out at Mayhem 1, and slowly make your way up, using your new drops and items from the Loot the Universe event to rapidly improve your stats and build.

You will be up to Mayhem 10 in no time, and will be able to take advantage fo those guaranteed Anointed Legendary drops.