Loot the Universe legendary loot drop locations for Promethea in Borderlands 3

Loot the Universe comes to Promethea with new legendary drops.

Borderlands 3

The next week in the Loot the Universe event for Borderlands 3 has arrived. With it, there are new drops for legendary weapons in the game on a new planet, Promethea. Last week featured Pandora. Now, you have to investigate the various areas of Promethea to find out which locations are dropping what items, such as pistols, SMGs, artifacts, shields, and much more.

These are all of the locations you can expect to loot gears while roaming around Borderlands 3‘s Promethea:

  • Meridian Outskirts: Shotguns
  • Meridian Metroplex: Sniper Rifles and Artifacts
  • Lectra City: Submachine Guns
  • Skywell-27: Heavy Weapons and Grenades
  • Atlas HQ: Assault Rifles and Class Mods
  • The Forgotten Basilica: No changes
  • Cistern of Slaughter: No changes
  • Athenas: Pistols and Shields
  • Neon Arterial: Shotguns

Players are still investigating Promethea to see if these drop locations remain the same during the event, and if they do, if there’s potentially more available. We’ll update this list throughout the event as it progresses until May 7.

To ensure you attempt to obtain the best loot possible for this event, you want to increase your Mayhem level. You can do so from your ECHO menu, rather than having to go all the way to your ship. The new Mayhem mode features a variety of unique elements that modify the way you play, and as you progressively increase your Mayhem levels, increasingly bad modifiers can pop up. Additionally, the shields, armor, and health of every enemy you face continue to increase the higher your Mayhem level.

You can expect this guide to rapidly change with information about what items are dropping in each of the respective locations. Be sure to check back often as we populate the various locations on Promethea.