How to get the Secret Banana Badge in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

Super secret banana.


Fortnite is filled with so many secrets and mysteries that it can be hard to keep up. We don’t know who discovered this secret, or how much time they had to put into it, but well done to the person who figured it out.

You can get a Secret Banana Badge in the game, but you will need to solve a couple of hidden puzzles to get it. Go through each one in order, taking the steps described below, to get your hands on the badge.

You can get into the Agent’s rooms through the door in the top left of the Battle Pass screen.

Brutus’ Room

In Brutus’ room, you need to turn the valves on the back wall in the order shown below. When you do it correctly, you will see Agent Peely pop up from behind the desk.

Puzzle 1

Meowscles’ Room

In Meowscles’ room, you need to knock the little cat figure off the climbing tree. Keep clicking on it until it eventually falls off the back of the tree. Peely will once again pop out from behind it to let you know you have done it right.

Puzzle 2

Midas’ Room

Finally, it is off to Midas’ room, where he is keeping the Doomsday device. This one is easy, as all you need to do is keep clicking on the gramophone on the right of the screen. Eventually, some secret agent style music will play, and you will see a secret panel open behind a painting on the left, and Agent Peely will pop out.

Puzzle 3

And that’s it, you will now have your Secret Banana Badge. We have no idea why Agent Peely is sneaking around the HQ, but we are sure that all will be revealed before the end of the season.