How to get the Firestorm Legendary Sniper Rifle in Borderlands 3

We did start the fire.

Borderlands 3

Many players in the game highly regard the Firestorm Legendary Sniper Rifle, so in this guide, we will show you where to get it. The weapon can normally be farmed at Promethea. If you go to Atlas HQ and go all the way to the Katagawa Jr. fight, you can get the weapon by defeating him.

The Firestorm hits hard, and does +300 splash damage, so pairs very well with a build that focus splash damage and elemental spread. It has a magazine of 9 and consumes 2 ammo per shot. You can also get Anointed versions, making them even more powerful.

The good news right now is that the Loot the Universe event has made this weapon easier to get. During Loot the Universe, different planets will have increased loot drops, with specific areas on those planets giving you specific types of loot.

For example, this week, the planet is Pandora. If you go to Ascension Bluff, you will notice that a huge amount of Legendary Sniper Rifles are currently dropping from enemies there. A quick run of the area before writing up this article netted us three different Firestorm Legendary Sniper Rifles.

If you want to know what weapons are dropping in other parts of Pandora, we have a guide for the locations. The affected planet will change each week, based on the timetable below.

  • Week 1 (9 AM PT April 23 to 8:59 AM PT April 30) – Pandora
  • Week 2 (9 AM PT April 30 to 8:59 AM PT May 7) – Promethea
  • Week 3 (9 AM PT May 7 to 8:59 AM PT May 14) – Eden-6
  • Week 4 (9 AM PT May 14 to 8:59 AM PT May 21) – Nekrotafeyo

Keep an eye on the site next week, as we will be doing guides to break down all the drops on each of the planets each week.