Loot the Universe legendary loot drop locations for Eden-6 in Borderlands 3

What legendary loot are you looking to snag?

Borderlands 3

The new Loot the Universe event happening in Borderlands 3 gives you the opportunity to farm a variety of brand new legendary loot. You will be able to do this all over the galaxy on four different planets, and we’re on the third week featuring Eden-6 from May 7 to 14. During this time, legendary items will drop all over the planet. But the different locations on the planet have varying types of loot in each area.

Here are all of the regions of Eden-6, and what players have discovered thus far of what loot you can expect to see while looting throughout it:

  • Ambermine: Grenade modifications and Shotguns
  • Blackberrel Cellars: Rocket Launchers and Artifacts
  • Floodmoor Basic: Pistols
  • Jakobs Estate: Assault Rifles and Shields
  • The Anvil: Submachine Guns
  • The Floating Tomb: Undocumented
  • Voracious Canopy: Snipers

Players are still investigating Eden-6 to see if these drop locations remain the same during the event, and if they do, if there’s potentially more available. We’ll update this list throughout the event as it progresses until May 14.

You can find the best loot by fighting the various bosses and mobs of each region on Eden-6. They have a higher chance of dropping rare weapons in their respective pools listed above. The chests in the game are not affected by the event. For those who want to increase your chances of finding some of the best loot available, you need to increase the Mayhem level.

Rather than seek it on your ship, you can do so from your ECHO menu. When you have the Mayhem active, you can set the particular level, and each level comes with different modifiers. For example, if you play on Mayhem 1, there’s only one modifier available, and it’s an easy one that’s more likely to assist you. When you play on Mayhem 3, there are three modifiers active, the first one is easy, and the other two are medium. We have a full list breaking down those levels and what they difficulty they could be elsewhere.

The higher level of Mayhem you go, the stronger enemies become. They have increased shields, health, and armor. Ideally, you want to farm for the best stuff at Mayhem 6, and you can receive guaranteed Annotated gear at Mayhem 10.

The modifiers also become more difficult, making it harder for you and your full team. If you want the best gear, though, then you need to increase the difficulty and rise to the challenge. You have until May 14 to take advantage of it.