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How long are seasons in Sons of the Forest?

Don't freeze to death.

In a survival game like Sons of the Forest, you’ll need to learn how to master each season as it comes if you want to survive. Obviously, there are a ton of things to keep track of, including how you’re going to get food and how aggressive enemies will be around you. That said, knowing how long each season lasts will give you a leg up because you’ll be able to plan your time much better. Fortunately, we can tell you exactly how long seasons last in Sons of the Forest.

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How seasons work in Sons of the Forest

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There are four seasons in Sons of the Forest just like in real life: spring, summer, fall, and of course, winter. Season only lasts a few days; however, you must keep in mind that summer and winter are the longest ones. The world around you in the game will begin to change with each season, with winter bringing freezing temperatures and snowfall, while fall lets you see all the leaves changing color. It’s also important to remember that summer will have more daylight than winter, giving you more time to work without having to worry about things hiding in the darkness. All of the basics of the real world apply to the game when it comes to seasons, they just pass a lot quicker.

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One of the biggest changes with the different seasons is what foods you will have to survive off. As you’d likely expect, summer and winter will differ from one another, meaning you’ll need to change up your gathering methods. For example, salmon will be impossible to get as the bodies of water freeze up and enemies will also be more desperate for food. You’ll need to take extra precautions in the winter to make sure you have enough food and are able to stay warm on those bone-chilling nights.

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