How to build a treehouse in Sons of the Forest

A shelter in the trees.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Sons of the Forest allows you to build different structures. From animal traps to planters, you can build everything as long as you have the required materials. But one of the first things you would want to build is a shelter. While you can build shelters on the ground, you can also create a treehouse. In this guide, we are going to explain how to build a treehouse in Sons of the Forest.

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How to make a treehouse in Sons of the Forest

Currently, Sons of the Forest allows you to build a total of two treehouses, and the amount of materials required for each one is different. We will be building the first one that appears in the Crafting Book.

For this one, you need to gather the following materials:

  • 42 logs
  • 2 quarter logs
  • 9 half logs
  • 5 three quarter logs
  • 36 planks
  • 1 rope

To get logs, you need to cut down trees. You can do this by using the Axe from your inventory. Alternatively, you can use the Chainsaw. This can help speed up the process as it cuts down trees quickly. To get half, quarter, and three quarter logs, you need to further cut down the logs by using your Axe.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After acquiring all materials, open your Crafting Book by pressing ‘B’ and hold down the ‘X’ key to switch the mode. Then, click on ‘Tree Structures’ and select the first option. Now, look above the tree on which you want to build the treehouse, and you’ll see a white structure appear. Press left-click when you’ve got the placement right. Afterward, you need to get near the structure and press ‘E’ repeatedly to add the materials to the structure. Once done, you can use the rope to climb up the treehouse. You can then use it to either save your game or sleep.