The best things to build first in Sons of the Forest

Everything you need to survive.

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Crafting is a big part of Sons of the Forest, as it can help you create almost anything. From shelters to traps, you can build all kinds of things if you have the required parts. When you start the game, you need to focus on building stuff that’s important and will help you survive the first few days. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the best things to build first in Sons of the Forest.

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What should you build first in Sons of the Forest?

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This is the first thing every player should build, as it can help you save your game and sleep. There is no other way to save your game, so build the shelter before you explore the island. You just need one tarp and two sticks to build it.

Animal Trap

The next thing you want to focus on is the Animal Trap. This can help you catch animals so you can cook food and eat it to heal your character. In the Crafting Book, you will also see an option to build a Fish Trap. We recommend building both to maximize your gains. The Animal Trap can be made using 16 sticks, while the Fish Trap can be set up using 26 sticks. If you are having trouble collecting sticks from the ground, use your Axe to chop down small trees.


While exploring the forest, you will enter multiple caves. These caves are pretty dark, so you’ll need a torch to see. This can be done using a single piece of stick and cloth. Once done, equip the torch, press the ‘L’ key to take the lighter out, and then hold the same key again to light up the torch. You can then explore the caves with ease.

Bow and arrows

As there is danger in every corner of the forest, you need to carry a weapon around. Furthermore, you can’t just rely on the Animal Traps for food, so you’ll have to dive deeper into the forest to hunt. Thankfully, the game lets you craft a Bow. To make one, you need one stick, some cloth, and a rope. As for the arrows, you need two feathers, two sticks, and four small rocks. Keep in mind that the arrows you fire at your target can be picked up from the ground again, so make sure to search for them before leaving.


While exploring, your character will keep getting thirsty. When that happens, you need to visit a river. As it can get frustrating to visit the river every time your character gets thirsty, you need something that can help you carry it around. For this purpose, we recommend you build a Flask. This can be made using the 3D Printer, and you can refill it whenever it gets empty.