How long can you live in DogLife?

Dog years.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In DogLife, players can try their luck at living the life of a dog. You will need to contend with other animals, the whims of various humans, and of course, find your own doggy-like happiness along the way. Doglife is filled with achievements that players can try and complete, so players are wondering how long they can actually live in the game.

While it is hard to say what the upper limit is on a dog’s age in DogLife, we do know that you can live to be at least 25 years old, thanks to the achievements list. The Quarter-centenarian achievement can be obtained by living to the age of 25. In BitLife, it is possible for players to be older than 120, so it is entirely possible that, under rare circumstances, you could grow to be 30 years old or so in DogLife.

The most important aspects for trying to have a long life in DogLife will be health, and your home. If you live in a high-income house in a good neighborhood, it means your owners are likely to feed you better, get better medical care for you, and treat you better, which will increase your health and happiness.