All Achievements and Trophies in DogLife, and how to get them

Mark your territory.

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DogLife is packed with achievements for players who are looking to live their best life as a four-legged friend. In this guide, you will find a list of all the achievements, as well as links to guides on how to finish them.

The guides for DogLife are currently under construction, so check back often as we add more completed guides to the list.

Longevity DogLife Achievements

  • Complete a Life: Complete an entire life using one character.
  • Mature Mammal: See your 15th Birthday in Dog Life by living to age 15.
  • Still Learning New tricks: See your 20th Birthday in Dog Life by living to age 20.
  • Quarter-centenarian: See Your 25th Birthday in Dog Life by living to age 25.

Mating DogLife Achievements

  • Birthing Company: Give Birth to a litter of three.
  • Family Ties: Successfully mate with an offspring.
  • Fertile Furball: Have 30 offspring in one life.
  • Here’s to Evolution: Have an interspecies tryst.
  • Horndog: Have 10 mates in one life.
  • Pleasant Perfume: Attract multiple males to your scent.

Human DogLife Achievements

  • A Clean Hit: Break someone’s bong.
  • A Subtle Song: Sniff a sweaty crotch.
  • Authority Issues: Maul your owner to death.
  • Delivered to the Heavens: Kill the mailman.
  • Do it for the Kids: Try to save a marriage.
  • Interbreeder: Climax while humping a Human.
  • Love Wins: Support your owner coming out.
  • Not Very Lice: Get called a fleabiscuit.
  • Service Animal Certified: Save someone’s life.
  • They See Me rollin’: Go for a ride in a Rolls Royce
  • Well-Traveled: Emigrate with your owner.

Disease DogLife Achievements

  • Addict: Develop a drug addiction
  • An Apple a Day: get kicked out of the vet’s office
  • Foam at the Mouth: Contract rabies
  • Infected!: Give rabies to another animal in DogLife.
  • Rabied Creature: Give rabies to a human in Doglife.
  • Witchcraft: Get cured of a disease by the Witchdoctor.

Rejection DogLife Achievements

  • Bad Product: Get kicked out of the pet store by misbehaving, etc.
  • & Stay Out!: Get kicked out on the street by your owner.
  • Over Sheltered: Get returned to the shelter by your owner.
  • Revolving Merchandise: Get returned to the shelter by your owner.

Escape DogLife Achievements

  • Bustin’ Out: Escape from home
  • Iatrophobia: Escape from the vet’s office
  • Nonfatal Decision: Escape from the shelter
  • Not for Sale: Escape from the pet store
  • Sly Cooper: Evade the animal catcher

General DogLife Achievenments