How long is Halo Infinite Season 1? – dates and events

You have plenty of time.

Image via 343 Industries

Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer is live a month early, allowing everyone who has waited years for this game to launch a chance to jump into the latest installment of spartan warfare. Alongside the early release came some information about the game’s first season of content. Here is how long Season 1 will last.

Season 1 of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer begins now and will last until May 2022. No concrete day for the end was given yet. While this is technically the beta for the multiplayer, all progress and unlocks will carry over to the full release in December.

While Season 1 has a long runtime, there will be additional events that pop up every now and then. Fracture: Tenrai is the name of the first event and will feature new gameplay events with rewards and activities, but no specific details have been given yet as to what that content looks like or when it will happen.

Even if you do not unlock everything you wanted by the time Season 2 starts, don’t worry. If you buy a Battle Pass, it will never expire. You can always work at unlocking everything in it, even if the next line of items has already become available.