How Long Is The Days Gone Campaign?

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Days Gone throws you into a dangerous world, after some zombie outbreak, and it tasks you with surviving. Upgrade your bike, find as many weapons as you can, help the people that you want to help, and try to figure out what the hell is going on with all these walking dead folks. However, how many hours of entertainment can you get out of the campaign?

How Long Is The Days Gone Campaign?

The Days Gone campaign lasts roughly 30 hours. There are main missions do to, lots of side missions and random events on the map, all sorts of things to unlock, and a huge number of enemies and zombies to kill.

Thirty hours feels like a pretty good middle ground for campaign length for most people. You want to play a game, and finish it to experience the full story, but for a lot of folks out there, 60-100 hours in one game is simply the time they don’t have.

You can, of course, spend a lot longer in the game if you wish, but according to John Garvin, Bend Studio’s creative director, the golden-path story will clock in at about 30 hours.

It is also important to note that play times are mostly an individual thing, as people get through different parts of the game at different speeds so that we can take the 30 hours as a rough estimate.