How long will Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier be under maintenance?

When can you play another match?


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Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is the first battle royale game in the Final Fantasy VII universe, and it seems to have hit home with most fans so far. The game blends enough Final Fantasy VII concepts with new mechanics to create a much more unique battle royale game than you might first expect. However, because it’s so new, the developers are constantly improving it, requiring server maintenance. This guide will explain how long the game will be under maintenance so you know when you can start playing again.

Check the server status

The best way to find out how long Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier will be under maintenance is by checking the game’s official Twitter account. The developers post regular updates on when they will be performing server maintenance and how long they expect that maintenance to take. For example, the developer has said that the current maintenance period will last for 50 minutes at the time of writing. Another post will follow when that maintenance is complete, which should be 50 minutes from the last.

In the future, messages may be added to the game to inform you of upcoming server maintenance and how long that maintenance will take. However, we’ve seen nothing that suggests this is how maintenance will be broadcast, so we recommend sticking to the official Twitter account.