How to get the Melee Master Title in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

Kick some ass.


Image via Square Enix

Titles are medals that you can equip your character within Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. They show your skills without the need for the game to display your season pass level above your character at all times. Anyone with the Maxed Out Title has committed to pushing their Style as far as it will go, and anyone with the Doom Defiant Title is likely a better player than most. This guide explains how to pick up the Melee Master Title, showing that you’re a genuine threat even without a gun.

Beat players into submission

Screenshot by Gamepur

To unlock the Melee Master Title, you need to kill three enemy Candidates with melee attacks in a single match — standard or ranked. This sounds incredibly difficult, but we’ve found to get around the requirements so that you can unlock the Title in the next match you play.

In your next match, aim at every enemy Candidate’s head when shooting. This should cause them to drop into the downed state fast. When they’re crawling around trying to escape or find a teammate, run over to them and finish them off with a melee attack or two. This counts as a melee kill, and if you do it three times, you’ll get the Melee Master Title when the match is over. You can also use this method to boost the amount of overall melee damage you’ve dealt to Candidates for any challenges you need to complete.