How many animals can you have in your Scent Database in DogLife?

That is a lot of sniffing.

Screenshot by Gamepur

While playing through DogLife, you will likely encounter all kinds of animals while you change homes, get thrown in an animal shelter, or live the life of a stray. As is the case with dogs in real life, they like to get up and personal to find the scent of other animals. In this game, when you do that, that animal is added to your Scent Database (DB). How many animals can you fit into your Scent DB?

As of this writing, we have not found a limit to the number of animals you can have in your Scent DB. We started the life of a stray dog and spent a long time constantly finding new streets to live on and sniffing every animal there. This got us to over 100 entries in the database, and it was still letting us add more.

There is an achievement linked to having at least 50 animals in your Scent DB, but nothing for reaching 100 or beyond, so we do not recommend trying to go for filling up the section of the menus since it could take a very long time. Regardless, you should not have any worries about running out of room in any of your playthroughs.