How many endings are there in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach?

More than you think.

Five Nights At Freddys

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you’re a fan of Five Nights at Freddy’s, you know that each game in the series comes with alternate endings or hidden secrets, and Security Breach is no different. This time, the game shows you endings based on a few of your choices in the game. Here’s how many endings there are in Security Breach.

There are a total of six endings in the game, awarded depending on your exit route choice, if you located certain areas, or if you cleared certain side objectives. Here’s all of the endings:

  • Bad Ending: Unlocked via leaving through the front entrance. In this ending, Gregory escapes, and is living out of a cardboard box. While sleeping, Vanny tracks him down and stands over him ominously.
  • Good Ending: Unlocked by leaving through the exit near the kitchen. Requires Security Level 7. In this ending, Gregory and Freddy escape the Pizzaplex via a stolen Delivery Van. As Freddy’s battery slowly runs out of charge, Gregory uses the car battery to recharge Freddy before continuing their escape.
  • True Ending: Unlocked by going down the Old Elevator. Here you have an additional boss encounter in Springtrap. You must burn Springtrap several times while warding off Chica and Roxy. In this ending, Springtrap gets captured by Molten Freddy, an antagonistic version of Freddy. Gregory and Freddy escape, and live a life of happiness.
  • Destruction Ending: Unlocked by discovering Vanny’s lair above the laser tag arena. Attempt to escape via the front door, and Freddy will present you with a choice. Choose Vanny to get this ending. In it, Freddy tries to defend Gregory, but Vanny pushes a button and orders the STAFF bots to “dismantle Freddy”. Gregory is able to swipe the button and order the bots to dismantle Vanny, but Freddy isn’t able to be saved.
  • Hero Ending: Unlocked by completing Princess Quests 1 and 2, discovering Vanny’s Lair, and choosing the Vanny option. Once inside Vanny’s Lair, find and complete Princess Quest 3. In this ending, Freddy, Gregory, and Vanessa all escape, retreating to a sunset vista to eat ice cream together.
  • Unmasked Ending: It is not currently known how to unlock this ending, but in it, Freddy and Gregory set fire to the Pizzaplex before escaping via the roof. Freddy discovers Vanny, and charges her, tackling her off the side of the building. Gregory makes his way down and unmasks Vanny, who is dead. Vanny is revealed to be Vannessa, while Gregory looks on in confusion.

Those are all of the known endings in Security Breach. If any further are discovered, we’ll be sure to add them here.