How many levels are there in PowerWash Simulator?

There’s plenty of messes to clean.

Image via Square Enix

PowerWash Simulator is a relaxing job sim that’s taken Steam by storm. As its title implies, the game is all about the surprisingly satisfying joy of cleaning dirty locations and vehicles with a power washer. There’s plenty of content in PowerWash Simulator but players might be wondering just how many jobs they can expect to take on. Thankfully, there are quite a few.

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In early December, the team released the 0.7 update, which PowerWash Simulator has 31 levels. These are split between 15 locations and 15 vehicles. It also has a special level that’s unlike any other in the game. PowerWash Simulator is currently in early access and new levels are consistently being added with each update.

The amount of new levels in each update varies. The 0.7 update, for example, added a grimy Ferris wheel and mud-caked monster truck, while the 0.6 update added a frolic boat, washroom, helter-skelter, and a private jet. After being unlocked in Career Mode, each level in PowerWash Simulator can be replayed in both Free Play and Challenge Mode.

The latest update also added multiplayer to PowerWash Simulator and allows between 2-6 players to go on jobs together, and a PvP mode is currently in the works.