How many maps are there in Goose Goose Duck?

These ponds are increasingly being overrun with ducks.

Image via Gaggle Studios

With social deduction games like Goose Goose Duck, you will want to have memorable maps for everyone to play on. If there are only one or two maps and they are not that great, the players will quickly lose interest in the game pretty quick. With this in mind, how many maps are there in Goose Goose Duck?

At the time of this writing, there are currently five total maps in Goose Goose Duck. Here is a brief rundown on each one.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Blackswan is probably the tightest map in Goose Foose Duck. It’s a space station with short pathways in-between each room and many workstations.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Goosechapel is an old-time Victorian London village at night. There are multiple buildings you can enter and alleyways you can walk down to get into secluded areas with other players. To the south is a waterfront.

Mallard Manor

Screenshot by Gamepur

As you might imagine, Mallard Manor takes place in a dark manor. You can make your way out to grounds for fixing sabotages and completing tasks. There are no vents on this level, but people can hide in leaves and cabinets.

Nexus Colony

Screenshot by Gamepur

Nexus Colony is on a space station. There are many small passageways and circular rooms strewn about the place and a transport vessel that will take you to a small docking area that is only accessible through this method.

SS Mothergoose

Screenshot by Gamepur

The SS Mothergoose is a spaceship with many small corridors and rooms to get lost in. New players will likely run into many dead ends trying to find their way around this area.