All Roles to Play in Goose Goose Duck

In Goose Goose Duck players will take on various roles and must perform them correctly or risk becoming suspicious.

Image via Gaggle Studios

Goose Goose Duck is a social deduction game similar to Among Us but emphasizes roles. These roles will change how everyone plays each game and can announce a surprise victor at the most unexpected times. Knowing these roles is essential to being as successful as possible in every match. That’s why we’ve put together this list of every role you can take on in Gose Goose Duck, so nobody is caught out by a surprising one.

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Every Goose and Duck Role in Goose Goose Duck

Below, we’ve explained every role that players can play in Goose Goose Duck. This is split between the basic and special roles, each requiring players to perform different tasks. If players are uncertain about what to do in a specific role, they should read through the list to find the ones they don’t know and learn them.

Basic Roles in Goose Goose Duck

Image via Gaggle Studios Inc.

Classic games of Goose Goose Duck have only two roles. These are as follows.

  • Ducks – These players are essentially the Impostors from Among Us. They must secretly kill all of the Geese to win the game while sabotaging parts of the map.
  • Goose – These players are essentially Crewmates from Among Us. They need to work together to vote out the Ducks or complete all their tasks to win the game.

Special Roles in Goose Goose Duck

Image via Gaggle Studios Inc.

In lobbies where roles have been expanded, the list of ones available is vast. Each role has something special about it, and some have unique winning conditions. All of this information is outlined in the following list.

  • Adventurer Goose – This player cannot die from environmental damage.
  • Assassin Duck – Guessing a role correctly enables this player to kill that character in a meeting. However, they’ll die if they’re wrong.
  • Astral Goose – This character can detach its spirit and roam through walls to keep an eye on other players.
  • Avenger Goose – This Goose can temporarily kill another player if they witness them murdering someone.
  • Birdwatcher Goose – This character has limited regular vision but can see through walls.
  • Bodyguard Goose – In this role, the player is assigned to protect another. Standing between the target and a killer will cause this character to die, but they’ll get a bonus for their efforts.
  • Canadian Goose – Anyone that kills this character will automatically self-report themselves as the killer.
  • Cannibal Duck – This character can hide a body once per match by eating it.
  • Celebrity Goose – Other players are alerted when this character is killed.
  • Demolitionist Duck – This character plants bombs on others.
  • Detective Goose – In this role, a player can investigate another player once to check if they’ve murdered someone.
  • Dodo – If this player wins, they’re voted out of the game, so they must try to be suspicious.
  • Dueling Dodos – This character wins if the other Dodo is killed. If that Dodo is still alive, there are certain tasks to complete that will kill them.
  • Engineer Goose – For this character, the minimap temporarily displays where sabotages are called from. If they see them in time, they can vent those sabotages.
  • Esper Goose– This character can kill players from a distance and speak to them remotely.
  • Falcon – This character automatically skips every vote. They win by being the last one alive and can only lose if the Ducks pull off sabotage or Geese complete every task.
  • Gravy Goose – Completing tasks as this character raises their bounty. They must survive to avoid any other players from taking their cash.
  • Hitman Duck – Killing other Ducks gives this character a boost.
  • Identity Thief Duck – This character can transform into the character they kill until a meeting occurs.
  • Invisibility Duck – This character can temporarily turn invisible.
  • Locksmith Goose – As this character, a player can open the jail door at any time.
  • Lover Goose/Duck –If this character and their lover are alive at the match’s end, they win.
  • Mechanic Goose – When playing as this character, players can use vents.
  • Medium Goose – This character can see how many ghosts are active at any time.
  • Mimic Goose – Other Ducks see this character as a different duck.
  • Morphling Duck – This Duck has the power to appear as other Ducks in the game.
  • Mortician Goose – As this character, a player can investigate a corpse to see what their role was.
  • Ninja Duck – This character can kill two other characters at once if they’re in close proximity.
  • Party Duck – With this role, players can give one other character an incredibly high-pitched voice.
  • Pelican – The player must be the final surviving non-duck to win this role. Pelicans can swallow other players, but they don’t die until the next meeting starts.
  • Pigeon – This character needs to transmit a disease to every other character before the next meeting to win.
  • Politician Goose – Players win voting ties and can’t go to jail with this role.
  • Professional Duck – This character can’t report corpses, and Geese can’t see their kills. If Geese get too close, though, a kill is automatically reported.
  • Serial Killer Duck – This character must kill its target to decrease its cooldown. Killing others will increase it.
  • Sheriff Goose – Killing a Goose causes this character to die.
  • Silencer Duck – As this character, players can silence another player in meetings.
  • Snitch Duck – If this character votes for another player and they receive no other votes, that character goes to jail.
  • Snoop Goose – With this role, characters can hide in vents.
  • Spy Duck – Being the only character to vote for a player in a meeting reveals their role.
  • Street Urchin Goose – Playing in this role allows the character to open locks from the inside.
  • Technician Goose – This character can see the rough area where sabotages where called in.
  • Tracker Goose – As this character, players can see who is outside during sandstorms.
  • Undertaker Duck – This character is able to drag bodes and hide them slowly.
  • Vigilante Goose – When playing as this character, players can kill one other player without any consequences.
  • Vulture – The only objective while playing as this character is to eat the corpse of a murdered Goose.
  • Warlock Duck – This character summons a deadly swarm of locusts as its sabotage.