How many people can play Sons of the Forest? Maximum lobby size

Stronger in numbers.

Image via Endnight Games Ltd

Sons of the Forest is the newest game from developer Endnight Games, the same studio behind the hit survivor horror game The Forest. In Sons of the Forest, you’re sent out on a mission to find a missing billionaire who is said to be on a remote island. What should just be a simple rescue mission quickly goes wrong as you find out the inhabitants of said island are cannibals. In order to survive, you’ll need to build and craft using the resources you find around the island, while fighting against the monstrous creatures that roam it.

Much like The Forest, you can experience the game solo, but you can also play the game with others, let that be strangers or your friends. After all, there is power in numbers. Though many players are wondering, how many people can play Sons of Forest together?

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Maximum lobby size for Sons of the Forest

If you’re looking to play a multiplayer game in Sons of the Forest, you can have up to eight players in a game. You can either host your own private lobby with friends, limiting the player capacity from two players all the way to the maximum of eight and setting the mode you all will play on. You can also have a public server where anyone can join. Alternatively, you can join one of the many different public lobbies that can be found on the server list.

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Unfortunately, if you’re looking to play with players on different consoles, you won’t be able to as the game does not have crossplay. But there is a possibility that crossplay will be added to the game down the line since it is in active development.