How much have I spent on Genshin Impact? How to check Genshin Impact purchase history

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Genshin Impact and free mobile games generally tend to give their players various affordable offers that can pile up over time. With a game like Genshin Impact, that could even span years of playing the game at this point. As you play the game, you could spend a little bit here and purchase something there, and within months and years of game time, you lose track of just how much you’ve spent on pretty pixels. At a certain point, you might want to check just how much money you’ve spent on Genshin Impact and have to wonder how to do just that. Follow our guide to explore what options are available to you to find the information you need.

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Where is purchase history option in Genshin Impact

Within Genshin Impact, there is no straightforward way of checking your purchase history. Genshin developer HoYoverse has not made it easy to examine just how much you’ve spent in the Shop and what you’ve been spending on, which is a feature that is sorely needed in a game like this. However, all is not lost, as we will present you with more mundane ways of checking on your Genshin spending habits.

This primarily depends on which service you use to pay for your in-game purchases. The method is essentially the same and revolves around the good old bank account spending search. To do that, connect to your bank account and check for your spending listings. It would be best if you filter the search for a timeframe that you know you’ve been playing Genshin Impact and also search the terms such as “HoYo,” “miHoYo,” “Genshin,” or “Genshin Impact.” This should yield the results of exactly how much you’ve been spending on the game and when that was occurring.

And even if you are using your PayPal account to pay for Genshin Impact, the method is pretty much the same. Log in to PayPal, and from your PayPal profile, look for your payments and apply the same filters as the ones that we’ve described above.

With all that said, we sincerely hope that the developer of Genshin Impact dev HoYoverse will consider adding a more accessible feature to the game soon. That would save their players a lot of time and help them play their games more responsibly.