How Parallels and PXP Points work in MLB The Show 22

Get that high rarity.

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If you played Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 21, you’re probably familiar with Parallels. Parallels are back for MLB The Show 22, and these offer players the ability to upgrade certain cards that can be used throughout the year. If you’re new to The Show, this concept could be a bit confusing. We can help, so let’s take a look at how Parallels work in MLB The Show 22.

Essentially, Parallels are added boosts for cards in MLB The Show 22. Each card in MLB The Show 22 can be “Paralleled,” in order to upgrade the ratings of the item.

In order to Parallel a card, one must play with that card throughout the various game modes in MLB The Show 22, whether it be offline Conquest play, or in Ranked Seasons. Playing with a card and meeting certain objectives will yield PXP points. What objectives are we talking about? We’re talking about padding the statlines.

Here’s a breakdown of how many PXP points hitters can get, based upon certain in-game actions:

  • 5 PXP Points each for Singles, Runs, RBI, Stolen Bases, and Walks
  • 10 PXP Points each for plate appearances and doubles
  • 20 PXP Points each for triples and home runs

And for the pitchers:

  • 10 PXP Points each for Quality Start and Strikeouts
  • 20 PXP Points each for Wins, Saves, and Holds
  • 25 PXP Points each for Complete Games and Shutouts
  • 40 PXP Points for each inning pitched

We should also note that there is a multiplier at play with PXP Points. For offline play (Conquest, Play vs. CPU, and Mini Seasons), cards will receive 1.0 x the number of PXP Points obtained, based upon any of the objectives obtained. For online play (Ranked Seasons, Battle Royale, Events), the multiplier is 1.5.

Earning PXP will move a card towards the boost chain in MLB The Show 22. There are five tiers of Parallels: I, II, III, IV, and V. V gives the highest boost to a card in Diamond Dynasty, and users will need 10,000 PXP in order to get there. Plus, earning PXP will also be important for completing time-limited Missions for Featured Programs, and for Player Programs.

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As far as the Parallel boosts go, these will be transferred towards all different modes in Diamond Dynasty. This also includes online co-op in MLB The Show 22.

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