How Preferred Items Slots work in Fortnite

Set ’em up how you like.

Preferred Item Slots in Fortnite have been a common request by the playerbase. They allow players to have far more control over where items end up in their inventory when picking them up, which makes hot swaps and quick swaps much easier.

The feature, which will arrive in the game in update 17.20, will give players much greater control over their own inventory. Players will be able to assign inventory slots to different items and weapons. So, picking up a Shotgun can automatically slot that into the first item slot if they wish, while a shield potion or health item can automatically go in the fight.

Players can then assign a hierarchy to each slot, denoting which item they feel is most important. Let’s say a player decides that they want SMGs and Pistols to share a slot, but that they prefer SMGs. They can set up the slot to accept both, but also have it set up to automatically replace the Pistol if they pick up an SMG.

It will allow for much faster and smoother inventory management, especially during tense moments in firefights when you might be quickly switching in and out weapons and items from eliminated enemies as you try to deal with more opponents.

We will have full details on the system, and how to use it, when it goes live in Fortnite over the coming weeks.