How regenerating works in Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher

It works a bit differently from Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX.

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In Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher, you can raise your own kaiju. There are over 200 types of Kaiju that you can get through the game’s regeneration system. While Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher’s regeneration system has some familiar options that fans who played the previous entries will recognize, there are new additions as well as the fact you now have to pay money for most of the options. So, you might be wondering, how does regenerating work in Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher?

How to regenerate kaiju in Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher

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There are five ways you can regenerate a kaiju in the game. The first way is to use a memory board, also known as NFCs. The NFCs that the game can scan are: transportation IC cards. membership cards, employee cards, and Ultra Medals, to name a few. Products like amiibo, which have an NFC tag, cannot be read, unfortunately. If you have a scannable product, place it in the area where the NFC scanner is located on your controller. For the Joy-Con, that would be the thumbstick, or the Nintendo Switch logo on the Pro Controller. Wired Pro Controllers can’t be used for scanning.

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If you don’t have any scannable NFC products, no worries! The other ways don’t require one. The second and third regeneration technique you can use is by either entering a keyword or code respectively. The keyword system is reminiscent of the system that was used in Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX. However, instead of inputting a name of a CD or an artist, you’ll instead be using keywords: a main keyword and then a sub-keyword. For example, you can input “Ultra” as your main keyword and then “Kaiju” as your sub-keyword to get Miclas. Doing regeneration this way will cost you gold.

You can also use a code that you get from Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher cards known as a UMF code. These are 10-letter codes you can get from physical cards that have been distributed for the game. If you regenerate this way though, you’re going to have to play 2,500 gold.

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The fourth way to get Kaiju is to get one that’s supplied by Santo free of charge. The Kaiju he provides will change depending on the season. The last way to get a Kaiju is from the Field Guide. With Field Guide, you can select from Kaiju you’ve owned in the past. This will include any DLC Kaiju you’ve purchased like Science Party Mocchi and Sevenger Giant.